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7 Ideas for Updating Your Air Vent Covers

Are you looking for a painless and inexpensive way to quickly update the interior of your home??  One simple way to modernize a home is to update the air vents!  Your vents can easily make a living space outdated and throw off the feel of the room if they do not match the design in your home.  Most vents are metal grates which can look very drab and plain.  To give your home an extra touch of style we have put together a list of 7 ideas for updating your  air vent covers to keep your home updated! Wallpaper: if your vent cover is
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Fighting A/C Smells

Does your A/C turn on and instead of first feeling it you smell it? If you are experiencing stinky side effects when using your cooling we’re here to give you some information to bring you to the bottom of it!  We’ll go over the causes of A/C smells and what you can do to bring them to a halt. Causes:  Common causes for a stinky A/C may include: 1. Mold & mildew coming from somewhere in your system 2. Your home sitting idle for quite some time with the A/C turned off may leave a musty smell when the A/C is turned
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3 Ways to Childproof Your Registers

Childproofing your home is crucial! As parents it’s important to know how to keep your family safe from all angles…including the registers in your home. Here are 3 simple ways to ensure the registers in your home are secure: Secure your registers: If your child is lifting registers and throwing objects into the register it can cause problems in your ducts and leave unsafe areas open for your child. You can either secure them by purchasing vents which can be screwed into the floor or by securing them with double sided tape/velcro. Screen your registers: If your child is still throwing objects
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