Carrier-Furnace-Equipment-PictureThe furnace in your home might just be the most unappreciated, and unnoticed pieces of equipment in your entire house. Most people take it for granted that when they go up to the thermostat to turn up the temperature just a few degrees, their furnace will respond with warm air to keep the house nice and cozy. What happens when your furnace doesn’t respond? What will you do if you need furnace repair in Collinsville, IL? You should call Beloman today to help fix any furnace issues you’re having.

Installation Services

Beloman employs only factory trained and certified technicians capable of working on Carrier, and many other top furnace brands. Our technicians come to your home and take every care to ensure that your home is protected when we’re installing a new furnace. From protective booties to mats to guard your walls and floors, we take precaution to ensure that the only impact we have on your home is a positive one.

Why Beloman?

Beloman is as much a part of the local community as each resident. Our company was founded by Paul and Leo Lugge in 1959, and remains today as a locally owned and operated company under second-generation leadership from Jim Lugge. We’ve grown from a company that started with two leaders and four employees, to one that includes 50 employees with a combined 1,249 years of experience in the HVAC industry.

We offer all of our customers access to:

  • Friendly, courteous customer service representatives.
  • Factory trained and certified technicians.
  • 24/7 emergency appointments available.
  • Full service installation, repair, and maintenance of furnaces, AC, and plumbing.

Furnace Repairs

Repair-ReplacementIt is possible to stay ahead of the repair needs of your furnace by conducting annual tune-ups to ensure that your system is running properly and prepared for extensive use during the winter months. As a top Collinsville heating service, we offer regular maintenance services to our customers to prepare their furnaces for the long winter ahead.

This includes:

  • Check of filters and replacement if necessary.
  • Inspection of the blower and fans.
  • Cleaning of any clogged or dirty systems.
  • Inspection of heating elements to detect potential gas leaks.

Why Maintenance Matters

The issues mentioned above are just a few of the problems that may arise with your furnace during the year. If you noticed other worrying signs such as reduced or nonexistent airflow, constant cycling from on to off, or even irregular noises during operation, contact Beloman for furnace repair in Collinsville, IL.

Waiting can result in the following issues:

  • Shorter lifespan of your furnace due to extra strain during operation.
  • Lost money in both emergency repairs and higher utility bills from inefficient operation.
  • Health hazards as a result of gas leaks in the home.

Contact Us Today

You don’t have to wait for an emergency to contact Beloman. Give us a call today and ask our customer service representatives your questions. You can also schedule an appointment for a routine tune-up or emergency service on your furnace.

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