It’s Monday morning and our office is getting settled in for another week. The weather is getting much colder and the furnace calls are coming in. Being in a home without heat is a very uncomfortable situation, unless you live in a tropical climate. While weather changes surely drive up business, you need have a more aggressive marketing plan as well. Below I will discuss the importance of Social Media & SEO in addition to traditional media campaigns.

In the ever changing world of mobile tablets and smartphones, we have seen a dramatic change in the way people are finding a service company to work with. Traditional media such as billboards, radio, and tv are great ways to get your business in front of the customer. If designed correctly, these are still a worthwhile way to attract business. I know I had my radio on for my 25 minute commute to work. These advertisements require a few simple things….

  • Call to Action (Your ad is wasted if this is not present, unless you are strictly branding)
  • Contact Information
  • Eye Catching & Easy to read (Can you read a billboard full of text going 65 mph?)
  •  A way to track return on investment

If you incorporate all these elements, you should see a return as long as you implemented a way to track it. I cannot stress how important it is to track your results and devise a  way to determine how people have found your company. This needs to be done with traditional and social media marketing campaigns.

Social Media is taking the marketing industry by storm. With the development of new apps people have changed from searching the yellowpages to googling or yelp. There are many sites and apps that solicit customer reviews for the public to make decisions about which companies to work with. Check out my list below of most used customer review apps.

So why does your company need to be on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Angieslist, Google+, and any other site? It easy, your customers are already there. Instead of trying to sway your customers to use older methods, beat them to the punch and make it as easy as possible for them to obtain reviews and contact information. Participating with social media also increases your rank with the search engines. People are googling now, and you need to be on board or loose your place in the industry. Creating custom content is that best way to increase your rankings. Develop posts and feeds that are filled with information or questions. This is not the place to sell your company, people are very turned off by sales people posting “call today for your service.” My biggest responses have come from simply being social. If you are in the HVAC industry check out the Google+ Community dedicated to networking, brainstorming, and finding the latest information from other people and companies in the same industry.

Check out this video to see why your Social Media needs to be up to date. Even though it is for job searching, the same ideals apply to your business.

If you would like more information on Social Media Techniques, Creation of Custom Content, or Building Interaction send us a message on WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, or Google+.