Who Doesn’t Love Free Money?

Did You Know That:

By working with a registered Ally of the Ameren Illinois ActOnEnergy® Program, like us, there are:

  • Typical saving of 20% or more on utility bills
  • Generous cash incentives that can cover up to 80% of costs
  • Convenient on-bill financing available
  • Fewer drafts and more comfortable rooms
  • Increased long-term value of the home
  • Potential to earn an Illinois Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® Gold or Silver Certificate
Couple Paying Utility Bills

How We Can Help With Your Energy Efficiency?

A Home Energy checkup from the COMFORT Team can provide you with a master plan.

  • Cut monthly energy bills
  • Increase your home’s value
  • Make your living space more comfortable
  • Address any safety concerns
  • Make your living space healthier
  • Help you on your way to earning ENERGY STAR® Certification

Why Do I Need That?

The smallest things in our homes can sometimes cause us to pay much more on our utility bill. Let us help you take care of this now!

So What Do I Do?

The first step would be to identify exactly what needs to be done:

  • Check attic insulation
  • Check heating and cooling efficiency
  • Check wall insulation
  • Check tightness of your home
The only way to know for sure is to have an Energy Saving Specialist come to your home to perform a Whole House Energy Savings Survey!
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