Today’s joke:

What do you call a reindeer with no eyes?

Answer: ‘No-eye-deer.’


The holidays are a very stressful time. Presents to wrap, dinner to prepare, and a whole house to clean don’t leave much time for emergencies like drain back-ups or a broken furnace. While we have an on call emergency  staff for all those late night or holidays breaks, read on to see some tips on how to keep your home running efficiently and properly. 

-Don’t overload your garbage disposal: Chop up large pieces in to smaller ones in order to keep the disposal from becoming jammed. 

– Check your furnace filter: Dirty filters are one of the most common reasons for furnace problems to occur. 

-Inspect your intake and exhaust areas: Debris and outside material that is clogging these pathways is only hurting your home efficiency. Keep these free from leaves, sticks, and shrubbery to maintain optimal flow. 


Enjoy the time spent with family and friends! We are closing the office a bit early this afternoon, but we will have our emergency crews on staff for any holiday mishaps. If you need to contact Bel-o directly, message us on Facebook, Twitter, Home Base, or email!