Carrier-Furnace-Equipment-PictureThere’s never a good time to have your furnace breakdown on you. Whether it’s a minor repair or a major overhaul, it is going to cost you money. However, with a little bit of help from the best furnace repair in O’Fallon, IL, you can avoid costly replacements and emergency appointments by maintaining your system properly over time. Beloman has been helping O’Fallon families keep their homes warm for almost 60 years now.

Furnace Maintenance

Your furnace is a complex mechanical system with moving parts that are subject to everyday wear and tear. The more you use your furnace without having routine tune-ups conducted, the more likely you are to face more expensive repairs or complete system failures.

Some of the signs you can watch for that alert you to the potential need for furnace repair in O’Fallon, IL include:

  • Clogged filters, which can lead to a drop in airflow and increased strain on the furnace.
  • Dirty filters, which also lead to reduced airflow, greater strain, and a shorter lifespan for the unit.
  • Constant cycling from on to off, which is a sign of either electrical issues or blower issues.
  • Issues with the blower fan. This can be electric, or a sign of greater mechanical issues within the system.
  • Not enough hot air, which result from clogged filters or even ductwork issues.
  • Loud clunks, thuds, or other irregular sounds during operation.

Emergency Services

Repair-ReplacementSometimes all the preventative maintenance in the world cannot prevent the need for emergency repairs. Beloman is an O’Fallon heating repair company that believes in offering customers the convenience of emergency services. Our factory trained, certified technicians are available to make emergency visits to your home 24/7 to ensure that you don’t have to spend any more time without hot air than necessary.

Additional Services

Warm air isn’t the only thing that contributes to a comfortable environment in your home throughout the winter. There are secondary services offered by Beloman that can help increase your comfort during the winter months, such as:

  • Installation and Replacement of Humidifier Pads
  • Air Purification System Installation and Maintenance
  • Programmable Thermostat Installation

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There’s no need to wait for an emergency to arise to call Beloman, the best O’Fallon heating repair company. Our customer service representatives are waiting to answer your questions and help you schedule an appointment for routine maintenance, minor repairs, installation, or even emergency service on your furnace.

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