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How to: Save Energy On Your Water Heater Expense!

Research shows that heating your water is the second largest energy expense in an average household. With such a significant portion of your expenses going towards this energy use, it’s crucial to educate yourself on different ways in which you can lower your expenses in this area. Here’s a list of 10 easy tasks you can do to start saving money: Lower your water heater’s thermostat settings: Many times households have their settings set too high.  Setting your thermostat too high is only making your system run harder and costing you more money in return.  For every 10 degree reduction
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New Year, New Bathroom

How long have you wanted to remodel your bathroom?  Six months?  Two years?  Why have you been putting off the remodel?  Time and/or money constraints?  Well, 2014 is the year to finally pull the trigger and upgrade your bathroom from just a place to shower to a small piece of heaven that you can’t wait to get home to.   If you’re undertaking a remodel on your own, you’re probably going to get overwhelmed and it’ll end up dragging on far longer than you expected (we’ve all been there and can relate), but there’s another option.  We offer full bathroom
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Spa Day

Last week we covered the design trends for kitchens. This week we are switching gears and looking at bathroom remodel trends.The remodeling industry has seen a rise the past few months which is great to hear!  Not to keep you waiting any longer, here are the 2013 bathroom designs trends.  Color: The color of bathrooms has traditionally been very basic, and timeless. White, beige, and creams are longstanding popular choices for this room. Leave it to 2013 to throw a wrench in that. Color is in. Don’t go overboard now. A flamingo pink bathroom is not what I mean. Splashes of bright
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