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Help! My AC is Making a Strange Sound!

Is your air conditioner making a strange sound and leaving you with an uneasy feeling?  We’ve put together a list of several common AC sounds and what they could mean.  As always if you feel uneasy about the situation it’s best to contact a licensed and trained professional! Clicking at startup: this sound may indicate that there is hardware loose inside the unit and springs or bolts have become lodged inside. Squealing at startup: if you hear this sound there is usually nothing if it’s a brief; however, if this is a new sound you’re hearing and it’s never done it before,
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5 Simple Ways for Improving Your Indoor Air Quality

Keeping the air inside your home is very important for the well-being of your family. Improving the air quality can be important since a majority of our time is spent indoors. These days there are many tactics which can aid in improving the air quality of your home; however, there are several simple ways you can make improvements yourself to stay in a budget. Upgrading the filters to higher quality: regularly changing your filters is extremely important to remove mold spores, pet dander, and other factors that may be disturbing the air quality in your home. When changing your filter look into possibly upgrading
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