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8 Tips to Lower Your Heating Costs

Who doesn’t enjoy learning about how to save money?! Saving money can come in several quick DIY ways.  We’ve come up with a list of 8 tricks for reducing your heating costs.  Pick one to put into effect or pick all 8–small changes CAN make a difference! 1. Stock up on socks: As goofy as it may sound, in many situations if your feet are cold then your whole body is cold! Grab a cozy pair of socks and keep those feet warm.  This will help you feel warmer so you’ll be less likely to continually adjust the thermostat. This will allow your furnace to not work double time
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Ice on your A/C unit?

Are you enjoying the transition into summer heat from the semi warm and wet spring? Well that depends on if your air conditioner is running or not. This week Bel-O has had an overflow of A/C calls that we are working all day to get through.  One of the more common problems that we hear is that a customers A/C is frozen and there is no cold air coming out. Well, here is why that happens.  My air conditioning unit has ice on it but there is no cold air coming from there registers. What should I Do? First, make
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Is the air your breathing dirtier than a chicken coop?

Fact: 54% of people tested positive for at least one of the 10 most common respiratory allergens. These include dust mites, perennial rye, short ragweed, German cockroach, Bermuda grass, cat dander, Russian thistle, white oak, alternaria alternate fungus, and peanuts. – National Institute of Health In today’s world of eco-friendly and organic products, we tend to overlook one of the most consumed and potentially hazardous substances. It surrounds you and and your family from the time you open the front door until the time you leave again. With the potential to carry H1N1, H5N1, Polio, and even SARS, your indoor
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