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What is a Discount Club Membership?

Did you know HVAC units can last 12-15+ years with proper routine maintenance? It’s true!  This is a huge component to the importance of signing up for a maintenance plan.  Without a maintenance plan you could find yourself eventually paying for a system that is less efficient.  Maintenance plans are meant to tune-up your systems to keep them running as efficiently as possible.  Being that your HVAC system is such a large investment in your home, keeping it running efficiently is very important! So what’s this super special club at BELOMAN all about you ask?? What does it involve? At BELOMAN
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The Coolest Club in Town!

Are you a member of the coolest club in town? With help from the BELOMAN and the Discount Club Membership you will gain great benefits!  We all know how important it is to properly maintain your car to keep it running for its intended life cycle, but did you know it’s also important to maintain your heating and cooling system?  Any time you make a larger investment it’s a good rule of thumb to also have a maintenance plan in place to make sure your investment meets full expectations. 5 Reasons to Join BELOMAN’s Discount Club Extend the life of
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Discount Clubs… are they worth it?

Clubs are an awesome thing, right?  Everyone should be in a club at some time in their life for the exclusivity that it brings and the perks you receive.  Sure, you may have been a part of a “no girls allowed” club when you were five, but a club that we offer has a lot more benefits than say, keeping the cooties away. Here at Bel-O we offer a discount program to our customers called the Discount Club Membership (DCM) (creative, huh?) to help save our customers some money on services they need to have done to keep their heating
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