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Can Cleaning My Ductwork Improve My HVAC’s Efficiency??

Often times your air ducts do not actually need to be cleaned; however, having your ductwork examined can help identify other problems within your HVAC system.  Once any problems are identified you’ll be on your way to maintaining a more efficiently running HVAC system! When having your duct work examined be sure the inspection checks for: Insects and rodent droppings: if your inspection is showing insect and/or rodent droppings you should probably call a pest solution company to rid any of these pests that may be setting up a home in your ductwork.  It’s important to have this problem addressed
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How To: Test Your Water Pressure

When it comes to the water pressure in your home there is a fine line between too much pressure and too little. On one hand it is important to have enough pressure for comfortable showers or to fill your pots and pans up in a timely manner while on the other hand too much pressure can cause stress on your pipes and plumbing fixtures.  To avoid having too much or too little pressure there are three simple ways to figure out the current water pressure at your home: Purchase pressure gauge: for this method, simply visit your local hardware store
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How To: Disguise an Outdated Thermostat

Want to keep up with the latest interior trends, but your pesky thermostat is throwing off the feel of the room?  It turns out there are actually ways to dress up your thermostat!  You can make your outdated thermostat modern with a few simple changes. You Can: Cover it up: search Pinterest for various hinge box ideas. The box can be created to match your décor and no one will know what’s behind it! There’s always the option of covering it with a piece of art; however, for easier access connect hinges to the piece you are using to “disguise” the
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