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Ice on your A/C unit?

Are you enjoying the transition into summer heat from the semi warm and wet spring? Well that depends on if your air conditioner is running or not. This week Bel-O has had an overflow of A/C calls that we are working all day to get through.  One of the more common problems that we hear is that a customers A/C is frozen and there is no cold air coming out. Well, here is why that happens.  My air conditioning unit has ice on it but there is no cold air coming from there registers. What should I Do? First, make
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The Modern kitchen

2013 kitchen trends are here and we are excited about them! The biggest change comes with the inclusion of new technologies and functionality.  Picture it, you are at a housewarming with all your friends enjoying some wine. Everyone is having a great time and catching up on missed events. Where does all this memorable banter take place? The kitchen of course! It doubles as a bar for pouring wine and living room where your guests converse and enjoy each others company.  Kitchens in 2013 are sleek and functional. They are the main space in your house and require additional durability. After
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