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How To: Save $$ in 2017 with BELOMAN!

  Is your New Year Resolution to start saving money? Did you also know BELOMAN can help you keep your word to this resolution? It’s true!  There are two ways you can start saving money today: join our Discount Club M­­embership or schedule an Energy Efficiency Visit today! I Made A Resolution to Save Money…How Can BELOMAN Help? 1. Join our Discount Club Membership: -Clubs are an awesome thing, right? Everyone should be in a club at some time in their life for the exclusivity and the perks you receive.  Here at #BELOMAN we offer a discount program to our
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5 Mistakes You Are Making This Heating Season

We’re all human, so naturally making mistakes is bound to happen!  With all mistakes,  it’s always a good idea to figure out what is being done incorrectly in order to correct it.  Did you know there are mistakes you can be making for a task as simple as heating your home?? We’ve compiled a list of 5 mistakes not to make when heating your home: Failing to use a programmable thermostat: are you setting the temperature of your home at a constant temperature for all hours of the day/night? MISTAKE! You could be missing out on the potential to cut your energy savings by 5-15% by using
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