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3 Reasons to be Thankful for Your HVAC System

We’re hoping everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving full of quality family time, great food, and ultimate relaxation!  After making your list of what you’re thankful for are you able to say your HVAC system was included on that list?? If not, it easily should’ve been! Because of HVAC systems… You Have Warmth And Cool Air: We should be extremely thankful that we have the capability to heat or cool our house to the temperature of our preference! Could you imagine living back in the day before HVAC systems were created? You Have Clean And Fresh Air In Your Home: Having clean
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What we’re thankful for

It’s nearing the end of the year already and Thanksgiving has crept up on us very quickly.  Thanksgiving is the time of year where we sit down with our friends and family and think about what we’re thankful for (along with eating a lot of delicious food). Here at Bel-O we’re thankful for our customers, young and old, new or with us for over thirty years.  If we aren’t receiving calls, we can’t stay in business and provide for our families.  Because of this, our customers are on the top of Bel-O’s “thankful for” list.  The growing demand for our
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What is ‘the fear of encountering snakes while crawling through the crawlspace under the house to get to the crawlspace furnace called:

We’ve survived Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Small business Saturday, and Cyber Monday. It’s amazing how many days you can contribute to shopping and holiday cheer in one week. Maybe a vacation day should be schedule in there to rest from the holidays, or that’s our feeling. It’s the time of year when furnaces are kicking on, or breaking down. We’re dedicating this blog post to learning the preventative maintenance required for your furnace. First, I would like you to watch this short video on the consequence of not completing your routine furnace maintenance. [youtube=] Here is a ten point blanket checklist. This
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