10 Common Mistakes Homeowners Make

B.30 Homeowner Mistakes

Buying a home can come with a long checklist, so we want to make sure you aren’t feeling too overwhelmed that you end up making a mistake found on this list! In order to avoid bigger expenses in the future one should make sure that the following 10 mistakes are being stricken from their checklist.

  1. Skipping annual HVAC inspections: it’s a good rule of thumb to schedule a furnace check as well as an air conditioner check to ensure your systems are functioning properly. When you schedule this kind of inspection a technician can clean your system as well as diagnose any minor issues before they become large issues costing you valuable money from your wallet.
  2. Failing to call a professional for major plumbing projects: at times unclogging a toilet can be a simple DIY task while other times it’s crucial to call a professional. In the case of major plumbing projects homeowners should call a professional and trusted plumbing company to guarantee the work is done right the first time.
  3. Failing to clean dirt & debris: when first moving into a new home renovations are bound to happen. With renovations also comes flying dirt and debris which can enter your air vents and ducts. For this very reason it is a good idea to contact a professional HVAC company that specializes in examining the cleanliness of your ductwork.
  4. Not replacing filters: homeowners should remember to replace their filters every 1-3 months depending on the dust and airborne particles in the home. Keeping tabs on replacing the filters also helps prolong the life of your system.
  5. Failing to clean your gutters: because the inside of our gutter is not at eye level homeowners may forget to clean their gutters. Although many homeowners make the mistake of failing to clean their gutters it should be avoided to prevent any roof damage or water damage to the home.
  6. Failing to look for red flags: homeowners commonly make the mistake to avoid fixing problems when minor. These minor issues are actually red flags to fix the problem while it is small rather than waiting until it becomes a very costly repair.
  7. Not hiring a professional: while hiring a friend or neighbor to complete work around your home may seem less costly it can actually be a huge mistake. Take the time to find a trusted professional contractor in your area (hint hint!) to guarantee work is done right the first time and gain warranty or seek financing options.
  8. Failing to service smoke detectors: failing to service your smoke detector could lead to a life or death situation! By making sure smoke detectors are properly working in your home you can prevent hazardous errors keeping your family safe.
  9. Failing to do your contractor research: putting a few minutes into a contractor search is not enough! Do some digging to find the companies who have been in the area the longest (since 1959!) as they are usually the most trusted and reputable.
  10. Not buying the right insurance: lastly a mistake homeowners can make involve failing to purchase the right insurance. Check with your contracting company to see what kind of maintenance protection plans they provide. By staying on top of the maintenance for your home you can prevent costly repairs which will insure your safety!

Don’t be a homeowner making these mistakes. We’re here to help! Purchasing a new home can be stressful…the BELOMAN is here to help with any of the mistakes that may pop up.