At BELOMAN, we pride ourselves on carrying revolutionary products from LaundryPro in Belleville, IL. A traditional laundry machine has several disadvantages, from frequent service needs to unpleasant odors from soap scum buildup.

    One of the biggest issues is the constant water, energy, and detergent consumption. Even with paying the high initial investment price, you’ll still have constant costs to keep your clothes clean. Fortunately, with a new, earth-friendly laundry system, you could see huge benefits in your bills as well as the look and feel of your clothes.

    LaundryPro in Belleville

    The Laundry Pro 2.0 by Aerus utilizes state-of-the-art ActivePure Technology that was originally harnessed by the International Space Station. Recognized as Certified Space Technology, this cold-water laundry system is easy to install and connects to your existing washing machine. It only needs standard hoses and won’t require any additional modifications or plumbing installations.

    This highly-effective residential laundry system doesn’t need any detergent. It instead uses the natural cleaning action of oxygen and hydrogen molecules to lift away the dirt in your clothes. This system reaches down into the very fibers of your fabrics to prevent the spread and growth of odor-causing bacteria. Over-using traditional laundry detergent can actually cause buildup inside the system and on your clothes, making them heavier and harder to clean. Over time, your LaundryPro will wash away this old soap residue and restore your clothes’ natural softness.

    Keep these exceptional comfort benefits in mind when considering a new earth-friendly laundry system in Belleville
    • Requires no maintenance or cleaning
    • Perfect for those with sensitive skin
    • Keeps your clothes looking their best
    • Protects the planet by limiting waste

    These modern laundry systems promise complete peace of mind with their convenient limited warranty. After installation, washing your clothes becomes as easy as putting them in your laundry machine and setting it to cold water only. You’ll know your system is in optimal condition by checking the LED indicator. When it glows steadily blue, it’s working as intended. Opting for advanced laundry technology is your best option if you’re worried about your clothes absorbing harmful contaminants and pollutants. Avoid allergic reactions and optimize your body’s comfort with a LaundryPro system today.

    Advanced Earth Friendly Laundry Systems

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