BELOMAN Cool Cash Referral Rewards

Shout Out About BELOMAN's Referral Rewards We consider our customers some of the most important people that we know. It is their loyalty and trust that have made referrals such an integral part of our business growth. Referrals are also one of our best forms of advertising because with your help, we’re able to find other good customers like yourself.

You’ll love our BELOMAN Cool Cash Referral Rewards program because it has been designed with a unique twist that makes the program even more valuable. When you refer a new customer to us, you’ll receive a reward in the form of a BELOMAN Cool Cash Certificate that never expires or a gift card to a local gas station.

And the twist…the new customer you refer will also receive a reward in the form of an instant discount off their service visit!

It’s a double reward…you both save!

Here’s How The Program Works

Fill in your name and address on our Referral Rewards cards and keep the cards handy in your purse, wallet, glove box or desk. When you hear of someone needing air conditioning, heating or plumbing help (who has not yet used our company) you can give them one of the referral cards with your name on it.

They in turn will present this card to our technician upon completion of their service visit. At this time we’ll take a special instant $10 discount off of their bill. They save money and you are rewarded! When the referral card is redeemed for a service call, we’ll send you $10 in BELOMAN Cool Cash, which may be used to purchase any of our services or products or a $10 gas card. If the referral card is redeemed for an installation, you will receive either $50 in BELOMAN Man Cool Cash or a $50 gas card. BELOMAN Cool Cash never expires and there’s no limit to the amount of “cash” you can collect. For more details, see guidelines listed below.

Ready To Get Started?

Already know of a neighbor, friend or co-worker who could use our services? You can start passing out referral cards now. Just click here to print your referral cards! We can also e-mail you a Referral Card if you wish. We appreciate your loyalty and look forward to taking care of the new customers you refer to us. We promise to do our very best to earn your trust and the trust of those you refer.

Thanks for your support!

BELOMAN Referral Rewards Card

Program Guidelines

Referral Definition: A referral is defined as a new customer to whom you have personally communicated with in regard to the recommendation of using our company. Referring yourself is not considered a referral.

Qualifications: The person you refer must be a NEW customer who has not yet used our company and who resides within our service territory. The new customer must make a purchase of any value of any of our products or services.

Referral Rewards Cards: BELOMAN Cool Cash Referral Rewards are given only upon presentation of the official Referral Card. You can obtain referral cards by clicking and printing the cards located above, or by e-mailing us your request through our “Contact Us” form. If you are not able to physically pass your card to a new customer at the time of need, just send us an official Referral Rewards card with your name and address listed and also include the name of the NEW customer. Once we verify that they are indeed a NEW customer who has made a purchase, we’ll send you a BELOMAN Cool Cash Reward Certificate. The NEW customer, however, will not receive an instant on-the-spot service discount since they were unable to present the card at the time their service was rendered.

BELOMAN MAN Cool Cash Reward Certificates: Certificates must be presented at the time of purchase and may be presented collectively if you have more than one. They may not be applied to previous purchases as a “refund”, may not be reproduced, and they have no cash value. If you would like to use your Reward Certificate(s) and also have other BELOMAN A/C offers, coupons, discounts, or promotions, you can choose 1 to use now (either the certificates(s) or the other BELOMAN offers and save the rest for a later time. Rewards that are lost or stolen cannot be reissued or credited to any account. If you forget to present your Reward Certificate at the time of purchase, just save it for the next time you need us. Additionally, BELOMAN Cool Cash Reward Certificates may be used by you or may be passed on to someone else. Reward Certificates never expire and there is no limit to the number you can use!

We reserve the right to modify the program or guidelines with or without notice. Other restrictions may apply.