10 FAQs!


Is there something about your HVAC system that is concerning you but you’re afraid to ask?  Fear no more…the BELOMAN is always here to help.  We’ve compiled a list of the 10 most frequently asked questions when it comes to your A/C and furnace.  Check out the questions below to see which category your concern falls into.

  1. Is this sound I’m hearing an issue?: you may hear alarming sounds come from your system; however, in most cases there isn’t anything to worry about.  Check out one of our previous blogs to see if the sound you’re hearing made the list for most common sounds: “What Do These Funny HVAC Sounds Mean?”
  2. What is a Precision Tune-Up?: a Precision Tune-Up includes a total maintenance cleaning of the equipment components. By having a professional perform a precision tune-up you’ll gain confidence that your unit is prepped for the upcoming heating or cooling season as well as help prolong the life cycle of your unit.
  3. Why is it important to have regular maintenance on my system?: it’s important to have regular maintenance performed because just like a new car purchase your HVAC also needs checked out to ensure everything is working correctly.  Maintaining big investments is always a wise decision and keeping your system properly maintained will help keep it running more efficiently.
  4. Why is my AC system freezing up?:  there could be numerous reasons why your HVAC system froze up.  To determine the correct issue it would be best to call an experienced technician.  The issue could have to do with the need for your air filter to be replaced, a leak in the refrigerant lines, a dirty coil, or a defective motor.  In order to have a professional work on the issue it must first be thawed.
  5. What is a Zoning System?: zoning systems separate ductwork into different zones so that you have the ability to control the different temperatures in the independent areas.  Zoning can be done in offices as well to maximize a more diverse temperature liking.
  6. Are all HVAC filters the same?: air filters are not in fact all the same.  There are actually a few options to choose from depending on how much debris and air pollutants you want to trap.  Check out one of our previous blogs to learn more about the different types: “Pros & Cons of Different Types of Filters
  7. Can indoor air be hazardous to your health?: ab-sol-utely!  In fact, the air in your home could be more polluted than the outdoor air.  With the amount of time we spend indoors, it is very important to have an IAQ (indoor air quality) expert perform an analysis of the air in your home.
  8. How healthy is my indoor air?: in order to determine the quality of the air in your home contact an IAQ expert to perform an analysis of your home.  Want to know how the test is actually performed and the benefits? Check out one of our previous blogs: “10 Shocking Facts of IAQ” for more information.
  9. How much does a humidifier or dehumidifier help?: there is actually a long list of reasons why you should make an investment to control the level of humidity in your space.  Common reasons to invest include: family members present who suffer from allergies, dry cracking skin, and even as a way to keep your hardwood floor warranty intact!
  10. How can I better control my home energy costs?: to begin controlling the costs of the energy used in your home contact a professional to perform an energy audit.  It’s also a good idea to schedule proper routine maintenance on your HVAC, always greatly consider all high-efficiency options as it will save you more in the long run, and install a programmable thermostat to help better regulate the likelihood of saving energy.

We hope that after reading through 10 of the most frequently asked questions for your HVAC system you have a better understanding of the kind of problem you’re facing.  For any additional help contact the BELOMAN at (618) BEL-OMAN or visit our website here.