3 Easy Ways to Childproof Your Registers

B.113 Childproofing Registers

Do you have little ones running around dropping toys in the registers, playing around with them or even harming themselves on the sharp corners? BELOMAN is here to keep your family comfortable and safe from all angles of your home.  In order to start childproofing your air return registers we’ve put together a few of the top ways to do so:

  1. Secure your registers: if your child is lifting air return registers and throwing objects into the register it can cause a problem in your ducts and leave unsafe areas open for your child. You can either secure them by purchasing vents which can be screwed into the floor or by securing them with a heavy duty double sided tape or Velcro.
  2. Screen your registers: if your child is still throwing objects into the registers after you’ve secured them it might be a good idea to take the next step and screen them as well. To screen registers you can either cut screens as you would put on windows to keep bugs from entering or you can purchase air filters which are specifically designed to fit your registers.
  3. Swap to plastic: if your child is fascinated by the shiny metal registers it might be a good idea to invest in plastic registers instead to ensure the sharp metal doesn’t lead to a painful cut. Plastic registers are available at your local hardware store and are relatively inexpensive.

At BELOMAN, we know the importance of safety for your family!  These days there are various trendy floor vents, but the most important type of register is a safe one!  We hope that after reading this blog you’ll feel more confident making your home safe from all angles.  Aside from childproofing your registers, there are several other ways to increase safety in the HVAC world!  Whether it be investing in improving the quality of your indoor air, cleaning your ducts, or securing your outside unit with a security cage feel free to contact the BELOMAN to meet your heating, cooling, plumbing or pest control needs! Just dial B-E-L-O-M-A-N!