3 Reasons To Use A Humidifier During Flu Season

Winter months around the St. Louis area bring with them fun holiday celebrations and gatherings with family. Unfortunately, it also comes with something that isn’t quite as much fun: the flu! Flu season is upon us, and it’s time to take the necessary precautions in hopes of avoiding the illness this season. Believe it or not, running a humidifier in your home can do its part in helping you avoid the flu altogether. That’s why our team at BELOMAN works with residents in East St. Louis and beyond to provide this, and other important heating and cooling services. While it might not be more effective than a flu shot, here are three reasons that a humidifier is a great addition to your home during flu season.

1. Provides Easier, More Comfortable Breathing

It can be tough to breathe when you are facing telltale signs of the flu. Sore throat, a hacking cough, and congestion go hand-in-hand with this common illness.

A humidifier, especially a mist humidifier, can provide relief from these symptoms by providing moisture that will coat your nasal, throat and lung passages. Not only will this provide relief from the pain and irritation, but the moisture will also break up mucus blockages.

2. Flu Germs Spread Faster in Dry Conditions

Medical studies have shown that the flu virus spreads more effectively in dry conditions. During the winter, when your home is being warmed by a furnace, the climate inside your house will become very dry. By boosting the humidity levels in your home with a humidifier, you are able to quell the spread of the flu virus. Even when the flu virus enters your home — and it most likely will at some point this winter — high humidity can squash it as quickly as possible.

3. Offers Better, More Restful Sleep

The flu can become a vicious cycle. By not feeling well, you will find it hard to sleep. When you can’t get a good night’s sleep, you’ll start to feel even worse. A humidifier can provide the relief needed to get decent sleep, which is one of the best ways to combat the flu.

Need a Humidifier Professionally Installed?

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