3 Signs You Need Plumbing Repair

The longer you live in a home, the more likely it is that you’ll need a plumbing repair at some point. Plumbing issues can creep up on you slowly. Here are three signs that your home needs plumbing repair.

1. Your Drains Are Slow to Move Water Out

A slow-moving drain can be a major annoyance. If you can’t handle the drain with a plunger, then make an appointment to have a plumber clean it. A professional can make quick work of a clog. If you have several slow-moving drains, you could have a problem with a blocked sewer vent or line. This type of issue can turn into an emergency, so be sure to contact a plumber as soon as you notice slow drains.

2. Decreased Water Pressure

When the water pressure in your home drops suddenly, there could be something going on with the municipal water supply. In this case, check with your neighbors. Ask if they’re experiencing the same problem with their home. If they aren’t, then that could be a sign that you’re having trouble with your water line or that there’s a big leak happening somewhere in your plumbing system. Be sure to contact a professional plumber quickly because water leaks can be expensive.

3. You Hear the Sound of Water Running for No Reason

If you can hear water running through your home’s pipes but no one is using the toilet or any faucets, then this is often a warning that your plumbing system has a leak somewhere. To make sure, check your home’s water meter. Make a note of the reading. Then, don’t use any water for about an hour or so. Check the meter again. If the number has increased, contact a plumber because there is a leak.

Professional Plumbing Service You Can Trust

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