4 Indicators of Poor IAQ

B.108 4 Signs of Poor IAQ

Often times the quality of the air in our home is something overlooked; however, with the risk that the inside air can be more contaminated than the outside air it’s definitely something to be tuned in to. Even though you may not have recently had construction done to your home stirring up all kind of dust and debris, your indoor air can be 2-5x more polluted than the air outdoors.  In order to ensure your family is breathing fresh clean air in the comfort of your own home an indoor air quality expert can perform an analysis of your home to put you at ease.  There are also a few signs to keep in mind and keep an eye out for when It comes to poor IAQ:

  1. Is the Airflow in your Home Consistent?: If there are certain areas of your home that are not seeing an even airflow from the rest of the home, this could be an indicator that the quality of air in that certain space is poor. Without proper ventilation the old air will be stuck in the area and new fresh air won’t be able to cycle in.
  2. How Are Your Allergies?: Have you noticed that your allergies flare up more when you’re specifically at home? If you’re finding yourself sneezing and coughing more in your home, this could be a good indicator that contaminants are trapped causing your allergies to flare up when at home.
  3. Have You Check Out What’s Going on Around You?: If there is construction nearby occurring this can definitely stir up dust and debris causing the air indoors to be more contaminated. Was there recently a large release of chemicals from a cleaning crew, painting job or rodent spray that could be making the problem escalate?
  4. Do You Smell Something Odd, But Can’t Find Its Source?: If there is an odd odor that you just can’t seem to track down it could possibly be due to contaminants in the air, a dirty filter, or a humidity buildup. This could be a sign that the air in your home is not up to par.

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