4 Ways to Keep Your Basement Dry this Spring

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When it rains it pours!  …however, if it’s pouring right into your basement you’ll definitely be having a major plumbing fiasco on hand.  To avoid basement flooding complications you may have a sump pump installed.  With help from BELOMAN we’ll help you with 4 ways to keep your basement dry this spring.  Your sump pump will thank you later!

  1.  Test it regularly: in order to keep things operating smoothly at all times it’s a good idea to test it regularly to ensure it’s ready to go when you really need it!  A bucket of water will help to quickly test its operation or a licensed plumbing can perform a maintenance check as well.
  2. Keep it clean: when a plumber visits your home to test the sump pump he’ll also be able to make sure it’s clean of dirt, gravel and other debris.  Keeping it clean will allow it to maintain efficiency and prolong its life.
  3. Realize nothing last forever: while we all dream that something last forever, we have to come to the realization that nothing lasts forever. Give us a call today if you feel like your sump pump is on its way out.
  4. Research research research: do your homework and research local trusted plumbers in your area to ensure your home will be respected.  With 1,400+ 5-star reviews at BELOMAN you can rest assure that you’ll be in good hands.  For free estimates on your next plumbing project give us a call today!

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