5 Gadgets for IAQ

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Constantly sneezing in your home? Pet dander a problem? Asthma causing discomfort in your own home?  If allergens are a problem in your family’s home it’s important to know how to take control to manage your comfort!  With help from BELOMAN and one of our indoor air quality experts you can learn how to start improving the quality of air in your home today!  Below are 5 gadgets that you can use in your home:

  1. Whole-House Dehumidifier: During the summer months a dehumidifier works to remove humidity as it cools your home. By lowering the humidity in your family’s home in the summer you can help to rid mold, dust mites and other common indoor pollutants.
  2. Whole-House Humidifier: In contrast to a dehumidifier mentioned before, a humidifier is best used in the winter months to raise humidity levels in your home. The result is a more comfortable living space and a shorter lifespan for cold and flu causing microbes.
  3. Wi-Fi Thermostat: Wi-Fi programmable thermostats are all the new rage. This gadget will allow you to control the air or heat in your home while you’re out and about. The IAQ aspect of this gadget comes into play with the notifications your thermostat settings may offer and send to alert of its activity.
  4. Air Purifier: Whether a member of your family suffers from allergies or asthma, a purifier works to filter out tiny airborne particles that may become a bother. Aprilaire offers great air quality products that an IAQ expert at BELOMAN can further discuss with you.
  5. Carbon Monoxide Detector: As the old saying goes, “It’s better to be safe than to be sorry”. A carbon monoxide detector will be able to detect if your indoor air quality is being compromised by invisible, odorless carbon monoxide.

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