5 Mistakes You Are Making This Heating Season

B.28 Heating Mistakes

We’re all human, so naturally making mistakes is bound to happen!  With all mistakes,  it’s always a good idea to figure out what is being done incorrectly in order to correct it.  Did you know there are mistakes you can be making for a task as simple as heating your home?? We’ve compiled a list of 5 mistakes not to make when heating your home:

  1. Failing to use a programmable thermostat: are you setting the temperature of your home at a constant temperature for all hours of the day/night? MISTAKE! You could be missing out on the potential to cut your energy savings by 5-15% by using a programmable thermostat.  These types of thermostats are used to save money and energy for times of day when no one is home and the heat is not being utilized.
  2. Trying to warm the house too fast: imagine this–you arrive home, find your house is chillier than expected, so you decide to crank the heat up to quickly warm your house.  MISTAKE! This is a mistake because it will cause your system too much stress in an attempt to heat your home at a fast rate. Your system was designed to jog…not sprint!
  3. Closing vents in unwanted rooms: have you been closing vents in rooms you aren’t spending time in in an attempt to push heat into specific rooms? MISTAKE! This is a mistake many homeowners make which only causes more stress to your system.  Your system was meant to supply balanced air throughout your home, so disrupting the natural flow will only end up altering the life cycle of your system.
  4. Choosing space heaters over repairing: has your furnace been acting up or not meeting your heating standards, so you have then decided to take the space heater route rather than having a technician diagnose the problem? MISTAKE! While it may seem like a quick fix, it will actually cause you more money in the long run.  Schedule a service call today and have the problem fixed–it’s your home…you feel comfortable (and warm) in it!
  5. Not scheduling an energy audit: have you heard of having an energy audit, but have failed to schedule it? MISTAKE!  You could be setting your furnace higher than needed trying to warm your house when the real issue is various leaks allowing cold air to enter your home.  Call an energy saving expert today to schedule an audit which will determine areas you are losing energy as well as areas where you could be utilizing energy properly.

If you find yourself relating to the mistakes above give us a call to start discussing how BELOMAN can help you fix these mistakes as quickly as possible! Start saving energy and money today–“If comfort is your plan, call the…BELOMAN” (618) 509-9995 or visit our website here.