5 Programmable Thermostat Mistakes

Do your utility bills really skyrocket in the winter because you’re trying to keep your home warm and toasty?  Utility bills can add up fast in the winter; however, with help from a programmable thermostat you can take control and regulate the temperature in your home to save money.  With everything in life there’s a right and a wrong way to do something and the same applies to your programmable thermostat!  Here’s 5 mistakes to avoid in order to keep saving money with your programmable thermostat.

Mistake #1 Programming the incorrect temperature: Most thermostats are located in hallways so it’s important to keep in mind that bedrooms will be heated first leaving a hallway thermostat heated last.  Because of this, it’s important to understand the balancing of temperatures in your different rooms to avoid incorrectly setting your thermostat.
Mistake #2 Avoiding wearing an extra layer: Did you know that government research shows that lowering the average temperature in your home by 1 degree can save up to 10% on your heating bills?  It’s true!  Next time before you reach for the thermostat to turn the heat up – you might want to think about putting another layer on first.  Layering up is a simple and cost effective way to save money and not overuse your thermostat.
Mistake #3 Keeping heat high when you aren’t home: For times when you are not occupying your home it’s a better idea to set your thermostat to reflect and increase before you return home.  By following this method rather than turning your furnace off and on you’ll save energy and receive more help from your thermostat.
Mistake #4Trying to heat your home too quickly: This mistake comes into play when you arrive to a chilly home, and decide to crank the thermostat up in hopes of heating your home quicker.  Thermostats work as a limit of desired temperature to reach rather than the temperature of air coming into the vents.  If you arrive to a chilly home, avoid cranking the temperature up in attempt to heat the home quicker–it will not heat your home quicker.
Mistake #5 Turning the heat completely off: If you plan to be away from your home for a longer period of time it’s best to use the setting on your thermostat to schedule times for less heat.  Turning your furnace completely off while away from home will cause temperatures to drastically drop.  Drastically low temperatures will also make it more difficult for the area to warm once the home is occupied again.

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