5 Reasons Why Your Furnace Needs Tuned-Up!

B.118 Fall Tune-Up

Cooler fall weather is definitely on its way and it’s time to start thinking about scheduling your furnace tune-up! Together, the 5 reasons below paint a picture as to why your furnace should be tuned-up this fall:

  1. Extend the life of your furnace: like with many other concepts in life, proper maintenance helps to prolong the life expectancy. Bi-annual tune-ups help to rid any gunk, and ensure the system is always running as efficiently as possible. Just like we have regular oil changes on our cars, our HVAC system also deserves proper maintenance!
  2. Give you peace of mind: you’ll gain peace of mind by having your furnace tuned-up by making sure large issues aren’t on the verge of popping up. When a BELOMAN technician leaves your home you can rest assure that your furnace is cleaned, tuned-up, and you’ve received an explanation of its current status.
  3. Avoid costly emergency repairs: a furnace tune-up will also help to point out any areas of trouble so that you catch the repair before it turns into a larger costly repair. No one wants to have a house full of people on a cold night and the furnace decide to go out leaving guests chilled to the bone and wanting to leave early. By having your furnace tuned-up you can avoid emergency repairs!
  4. Ensure safety: tune-ups definitely help to ensure the safety of your family. Because furnaces burn fuel to produce heat, it’s important to ensure there are no issues that could affect the health of your family. Furnaces should be checked to make sure no leaks are present to avoid gas leaking into your home increasing carbon monoxide to dangerous levels.
  5. Warranty intact: last but not least your furnace should be tuned-up to keep up with the warranty in place. Often times the warranty will need proper maintenance performed. In this case, it’s best to call a trusted professional at BELOMAN!

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