5 Ways to Improve Your Allergies At Home

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Heads up–the first day of Fall is quickly approaching!  Allergies aren’t only an issue in the Spring time, they can also be a troublesome Fall issue.  One of the main Fall allergy contributors is ragweed.  This pesky allergen is especially known to affect the Midwest region as it grows amply in our area.  According to WebMD, 75% of people who are allergic to Spring plants are also allergic to ragweed.  Don’t let ragweed or other irritating allergens affecting your allergies keep you from fun Fall festivities!  Here’s a list of 5 ways to improve allergens inside your home:

  • Filters: Changing your filter to one with a higher rating is a good idea if members in your household are experiencing allergies.  Upgrading to a higher rated filter will trap pollutants of differing sizes to prevent the pollutants from entering your home.  Also, always be sure to change your filter every 1-3 months!
  • Ultraviolet Light: One component which can be added to your existing system is UV lights.  These ultraviolet lights have the ability to kill microscopic spores that may be trying to enter your system from the outdoors.  Investing in the addition of ultraviolet lights to your unit will help aid in eliminating deeply rooted mold spores before they affect your family.
  • Dehumidifier: Allergens are known to thrive in humid warm temperatures.  Adding a dehumidifier to you home can help realign the level of humidity inside. Once the environment that allergens love to grow in is eliminated, your family should notice a difference in their allergy symptoms!
  • Air Cleaners: The use of an air cleaner in your home will make all of the difference!  These air cleaners are known to eliminate nearly ALL allergens or pollutants from entering your indoor space. While some research should be done, since there so many types of air cleaners, once you make the investment of purchasing an air cleaner-you won’t be disappointed
  • Ducts: Air duct cleaning is the removal of dirt from the surfaces of the air ducts inside your home in an effort to reduce the levels of allergy-producing particles in the air.  A call to your trusted heating and cooling company will help advise you on the best professional duct cleaning services!

If you keep these 5 ways to help your allergies at home in mind you’ll be guaranteed to keep up with all of the fun Fall festivities without worrying about your allergies!  If you want more information on adding any of these items to your home give the BELOMAN a call at (618) 509-9995 or visit our website here.