6 Signs An HVAC System Should Be On Your Wish List This Christmas

HVAC holiday

So, you’ve gone through the Christmas stages…started listening to Christmas music, thought about your baking schedule, and created your Christmas list, but have you asked yourself if an HVAC system should make an appearance on that list?  The big question is always whether to repair or to replace! Here are 6 signs that your HVAC system is nearing the end of the repair phase, entering into the replace phase, and should make its way onto your Christmas wish list:

  1. Your System Is Over A Decade Old: If properly maintained, an average system lasts 10-15 years.  If you’re on the fence about repairing or replacing and it is over a decade old it might be a better investment to make the purchase and replace now!
  2. Unusual Smells: Unusual smells can actually be pretty normal and usually be caused by dust burning; however, there are some instances when the smells can be caused by something more serious.  If the unusual smell you are experiencing is from wires being burned away it is definitely time to put an HVAC system at the top of your wish list.
  3. Your Energy Bills Are Increasing: Increasing energy bills are also a sign to replace.  As systems age they become less efficient and will start costing you more money.  These days there are systems specifically made to be energy efficient!
  4. You Are Hearing Odd Sounds: In most cases a well maintained system should operate quietly; however, there are a few instances when noises can be present and not mean anything. On the contrary, there are also odd sounds which can indicate harmful grinding or other damage being done.  If you’re hearing a sound it might be a good idea to call a technician and have the problem addressed before it damages your whole system! If this happens to be the case it’s time to add it to the ol’ wish list!
  5. There’s A Safety Issue Present: As with anything, if there is a safety issue present it’s time to address the problem ASAP.  Safety issues that might be present could include an oil leak or frayed wiring.  If you are seeing these safety concerns it’s time to replace, replace, replace!
  6. It Has Broken Down In The Past: If the technician knows you by your first name and you’ve had multiple repairs done in a short amount of time it could be a good indicator to start looking into replacing your system. #Wishlist

Thinking you meet the standards for the 6 situations listed above? Give us a call today to talk to one of our experts and determine the best option for your home!