How To: Alleviate Pet Dander In Your Home

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Have you caved in to allowing your children to have a pet even though you are allergic to pets? Yes, we do crazy things for our kids, but it can be especially tough if you have a pet living at home spoiling your indoor air quality!  By becoming more informed on cat and dog allergies you can identify what exactly is making you sneeze and reduce your exposure to pet allergens to improve the air quality in your home.

Causes & Symptoms of Pet Allergies: Although dog and cat hair is usually the go-to blame for pet allergies, the culprit is actually pet dander.  Dander consists of tiny flakes of skin which can float into the air and cause allergic reactions to sensitive individuals.  The severity of your symptoms will come down to your body’s overactive immune system.  Your body is mistaking the harmful substance (pet dander) as a dangerous invader.  As your body recognizes a dangerous invader, histamines are released in attempt to attack the foreign intruder like a bacteria or virus.  This attempt to flush the dander from your system is what causes your allergies to flare up! Symptoms: sneezing, runny/stuffy nose, itchy eyes and nose, coughing and wheezing, or heightened asthma symptoms

Here’s What You Can Do:
-Confine your pet to certain areas of your home and especially keep them out of your bedroom!
-Clean on a frequent basis.  When vacuuming your home use a HEPA filter and an electrostatic duster to pick up as much dander as possible.
-Instead of carpet throughout your home, install hardwood or tile flooring to end the collection of dander in the carpet fibers.  The same technique comes into play with cloth vs. leather furniture.
-Shop around for a high efficiency furnace filter to catch pet dander as it tries to enter your ductwork and circulate throughout your home.
-Talk with an indoor air quality expert at BELOMAN to learn more about air purifiers and the great products offered through Aprilaire.  You’ve dealt with the problem enough–let us tackle the headache for you!

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