How To: Extend The Life Of Your Water Heater

B.99 How To Extend Water Heater Life

Nobody likes a cold shower, right?? In order to guarantee you always have hot water for your whole shower it’s important to make sure your water heater is always able to do its job!

Check It Out Yourself First: Look for warning signs all around the water heater.  Check around for puddles or any signs of a leak and check for cracks or rust on the outside of the tank.  If you see any warning signs it’s best to call a plumber since these signs are good indicators that your water heater needs serviced or replaced.

3 Steps to Maintain/Extend Life:
1. Check the pressure relief valve: This is the part that maintains tank pressure.  If this part is disrupted it could cause pressure to build up so much that it makes your tank explode.  If you need help locating this valve be sure to check your manual or call a trusted plumber.
2. Flush the tank: This process removes sediment that can be harmful to the tank.  If you are not sure how to drain your water heater this can be a lengthy list of instructions to follow.  In all situations if you are not sure how to perform the task at hand you should contact your local and trusted plumbing company.
3. Check the anode rod: This is the piece of metal that you’ll find extending into the tank.  You’ll want to be sure to check this part periodically for rust damage and replace it when needed to help extend the life of your water heater.

If you haven’t been giving proper maintenance to your water heater, now is the time to begin! Call BELOMAN today!

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