8 AC Parts You Can’t Afford To Neglect

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HVAC professional stress time and time again how important it is to schedule regular maintenance. Although some may brush off the idea, it is actually a concept which will save you money in the long haul and eliminate any risk that other non-maintence’ers may encounter. While regular scheduled maintenance is important, it is also important to keep in mind certain parts to your unit which should not be neglected. These 8 parts are components you can’t afford to neglect on your system:

1. Filters: in the HVAC world, filter replacement is known as “the most important maintenance task that will ensure the efficiency of your air conditioner.” Simply changing a filter can reduce the energy consumption by 5-15%! Be sure to stay current on changing your filters. This inexpensive task is one you definitely can’t afford to neglect.

2. Coils: coils are extremely important because these are the parts which give your system the ability to cool your home. If these coils become dirty the efficiency of your system, as well as your energy costs, can be disrupted. Cleaning the coils is such a simple task and should not be ignored.

3. Coil fins: coil fins can also become dirty and need to be cleaned. The cleaning of this part of your AC is actually considered one of the more simpler tasks. Aside from becoming dirty, coil fins can also become bent. Should your coil fins become bent there are certain inexpensive tools which will aid in quickly straightening the fin. In order for your system to perform at its best, coil fins should always be maintained.

4, Evaporator drain: like other drains, the evaporator drain of your system can become clogged. Any type of mold or algae buildup should be looked at. If this drain becomes clogged and ignored, it can lead to bigger and pricier issues.

5. Condensate drain: similar to the evaporator drain, this drain can also become clogged.  If this drain becomes clogged, the issue should be addressed before it creates unnecessary humidity in your home. Trapped humidity can lead to unwanted moisture which could cause mold or water damage. Finding ways to prevent this drain from clogging is important and certainly a part you can’t afford to neglect.

6. Blower components: the different blower parts should be cleaned and adjusted to ensure optimal airflow. These parts should always be kept clean since airflow problems can actually reduce your systems efficiency by 15%. When taking this into consideration in the grand scheme of things, this is one part you don’t want to ignore.

7. Refrigerant: always be sure to have your refrigerant levels checked. If these levels become too high or too low it can affect your energy costs and affect the life of your system. This task of checking the refrigerant levels is one that should be done by a professional, but simple enough not to be ignored.

8. Exterior unit: periodically throughout the cooling season, the exterior portion of your AC system should be checked for debris. This debris can be removed by hand or with a vacuum after the cage has been removed. Keeping the exterior portion of the unit cleaned is also one part of the whole cooling system you can’t afford to neglect. This simple clean will help ensure efficiency and prolong the life of your system.

If you remember to maintain these 8 parts of your AC system you’ll be better off to improve the energy efficiency, the life of your system, and it will save you money in the long run.  These 8 parts are definitely parts you don’t want to ignore! If you have any questions about any kind of maintenance or if you want to schedule work give the BELOMAN a call or check out our website here.

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