8 Creative Ways to Hide Your AC

Curb appeal…everyone wants it, but not everyone knows how to get it!  With the weather warming up barbeques and outdoor shindigs are making their way back on the scene.  With all of the fun going on, who wants to be staring at an AC unit less appealing to the eye?  Did you know there’s ways to preserve your curb appeal even when it comes to your air conditioner?  It’s true! We’ve come up with a list of 8 ways to creatively hide your outside air conditioner.

  1. Tall Greenery-adding greenery and height to your exterior is bound to add curb appeal! One thing to be sure of is the type of plant you choose to place in the pot.  Make sure the type of plant will be able to handle the warm air that will be escaping from your unit.
    B.43 Greenery
  2. Mosaic Screen-if you’re looking for something out of the box this option is perfect.  Simply use bits of glass, mirror, and plates on a fence panel to really jazz up your outside area.
    B.43 Mosaic.png
  3. 2×4 Fence-along with the mosaic style, this is also a more artsy option.  Wood can be stained to match other outside furniture as well!  Always be sure there are enough spaces or gaps to allow air to exit as well as accessibility to easily move it.B.43 Blocks
  4. Latticethis is the most common option homeowners choose when hiding their AC.  It’s a quick and less expensive way to spruce up the area around your outside air conditioner.
    B.43 Lattice
  5. Contemporary Sculptures-if you’re a fan of modern art, you’ll love this idea!  For this option sheet metal can be designed with various cut outs for a fun design.  Be careful moving this if it sits in the hot sun all day!B.43 Sculpture.png
  6. Chic Shutters-another trend is shabby chic!  Hinge together old shutters and sand it a bit to give it a more rustic look.
    B.43 Shutters.png
  7. Pallet Fence-if you’re on Pinterest you’ve probably seen the latest pallet trend!  Pallets styling is definitely in.  You can also have fun with it and paint them to match your space or hang décor/plants to appeal more to the eye.B.43 Pallets.png
  8. Trellis-trellis comes in many materials and can be a quick solution to hiding your AC unit.  Vine and hanging plants would also look great hanging from a trellis! B.43 Trellis.png

If any of the above options catch your fancy always keep two rules in mind: (1) never block air flow of air leaving your air conditioner and (2) always make sure which ever choice you choose is easily moveable and still allows the technician ample space to do their job.  For more fun and trendy ideas when it comes to your heating, cooling, plumbing or pest solutions check out our Pinterest page!