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    Welcome to BELOMAN, a company that relies on family values and industry skills to provide our customers with the quality service that they deserve. We believe that we are the best air conditioning contractor in Fairview Heights, IL, partly because of our knowledge and also because of the rave reviews and words of gratitude our customers give us.

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    Holding Carrier’s “Distinguished Dealer Distinction,” BELOMAN is able to say that it has some of the most qualified and experienced employees in the entire state of Illinois. Our professionals know what they are doing and they’d love an opportunity to show you exactly how good they are at air conditioning installation and repair as well as heating services.

    What Makes Us Better

    When you are looking for Fairview AC repair, you need a company that is going to go out of its way to provide the best possible service. Also, as a family-owned business, BELOMAN understands the importance of going above and beyond in order to deliver exceptional performance.

    Therefore, we take each of the following steps when we visit your home:
    • Discuss your concerns about your cooling unit.
    • Determine the proper size of a cooling unit for your home.
    • Wear protective shoe coverings.
    • Use protective drop cloths.
    • Calculation of the exact measurements needed for your ductwork.
    • Satisfaction guarantee (bumper to bumper).

    AC Repair in Fairview

    Summer means fun in the sun as well as warm temperatures and high humidity. So undoubtedly you’ll be relying on your AC system to keep you and your family members cool. The last thing you need is to have your AC system completely break down in the middle of summer. The good news is there’s plenty of signs you can spot before the worst comes. You might notice your energy bills spiking, hear loud banging, or notice leaks or bad smells. If these things start to happen your AC system definitely needs a fix.

    Typical AC Problems

    Issues we sometimes find with cooling systems can include refrigerant leaks, drainage issues, broken compressor fans, and even frozen condenser coils. If we spot a refrigerant leak, this means your air conditioner’s refrigeration levels have gone below what is normal for the unit. Should we find refrigerant leaks, we’ll perform a refrigerant charge to stop the leak and get your AC system blowing cool air again.

    Your AC system can also have drainage problems. This happens when your air conditioning system’s condensation isn’t draining like it should. Clogs can occur in the drain lines or drip pan, resulting in moisture can get backed up in the unit. This typically happens in the hot summer months or when its especially humid out. Not addressing this can severely damage other parts of your air conditioner. If we find a drainage problem, we’ll proceed to clear your drain lines and treat them for algae blockage if we find it.

    Something else your air conditioner can face is a broken compressor fan or frozen condenser coils. Without a working compressor fan, your AC system can overheat and will have a hard time blowing out cool air. This is pretty noticeable, especially when its already hot outside, so you should make an appointment with us as soon as you notice your AC unit is struggling. Your condenser coils can also become frozen in the winter due to blockage, and they won’t be able to function as they should. When your coils freeze, its usually due to other problems such as a dirty air filter or a block in your air ducts.

    As a longstanding member of the Belleville community, BELOMAN has been offering quality air conditioning installation, maintenance, and repairs for a number of years. Our factory authorized service techs are highly knowledgeable and skilled in the art of diagnosing cooling problems. From smaller indoor units to larger exterior systems, our professionals know how to repair them all. Just give us a call if you want prompt and efficient Fairview AC repair.

    What Sets Us Apart

    BELOMAN has been part of Belleville’s community for five decades, allowing us to establish long-time friendships and business relationships. Our service techs are highly experienced, enabling them to make quick calls on what needs to be done to your AC unit.

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    Here are four good reasons why you should consider calling our cooling company for all of your air conditioning needs:

    • We have factory-certified technicians.
    • Our website provides money-saving tips.
    • We offer 24-hour service with a real person answering your call!
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