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    Carrier AC System Here at BELOMAN, we know just how important it is for your AC unit to be working at optimal performance. No one likes hot, sticky days; so when the air conditioner is on the fritz, everyone gets a bit grumpy until they call in the best Shiloh air conditioning service in the entire state of Illinois! As a family-owned business for more than fifty years, we have what it takes to keep Shiloh homes cool and comfortable – experience, knowledge, skills, and the right kind of tools and replacement part. So, the next time your air isn’t cooling off, give us a call!

    Professional Services

    As an experienced HVAC Contractor, BELOMAN provides a wide selection of professional services for heating and cooling systems. We strive to do our best at all times, ensuring that our customers are completely satisfied. Along with a high quality of skills, we offer the following promise:

    “As air conditioning professionals, we will always keep the best interests of our clientele in mind at all times, providing the highest level of customer service imaginable. Our goal is to thoroughly assess your home cooling in a timely manner in order to deliver a fair and honest diagnosis of necessary repairs and/or maintenance.”

    AC Repair in Illinois

    It’s important to schedule regular maintenance on your cooling system if you want to maintain optimal performance. Even if you have Carrier’s top-of-the-line AC system installed, you still need to handle annual cleaning tasks to ensure that your equipment is operating at the highest possible level of efficiency. Otherwise, you might need AC Repair in Shiloh, Illinois. If you do, we hope that you hire BELOMAN to come out and handle your cooling needs.

    With the excitement of summer also comes warm temperatures and high humidity. This means you’ll be relying on your AC system all summer long. You can’t afford to have a single moment where your AC system completely breaks down. Fortunately, there are some signs you can acknowledge before the worst comes. For example, if you notice your energy bills spiking, hear banging noises, or notice leaks or bad smells, your AC system definitely needs some professional attention.

    Common AC Problems

    Typical diagnoses we find with air conditioners can include refrigerant leaks, drainage issues, broken compressor fans, and sometimes frozen condenser coils. If you have a refrigerant leak, this can cause your air conditioner’s refrigeration levels to drop below what is normal and cause problems. When we find refrigerant leaks, we’ll perform a refrigerant charge to stop leaks and get your AC unit back to normal.

    In addition to leaks, your AC system can have drainage issues. This happens when your air conditioning system’s condensation isn’t draining like it should. Clogs can occur in the drain lines or drip pan, resulting in moisture can get backed up in the unit. We see this frequently in the hot summer months or when its especially humid out. Putting this off for too long can hurt other parts of your cooling system. When you call us and we find a drainage problem, we’ll clear your drain lines and treat them for algae accumulation.

    We sometimes find broken compressor fans or frozen condenser coils to be the source of AC system problems. If you don’t have a working compressor fan, your AC system will begin to overheat and will struggle to blow cold air. This isn’t exactly a problem that will go unnoticed, so you should call us as soon as you notice symptoms of this. Additionally, if your condenser coils become frozen (are covered in ice) in the winter, they won’t be able to function properly later on. The freezing of your coils is usually the result of other issues such as a dirty air filter or a block in your air ducts.

    Technician Repairing a HVAC System

    Here is a look at some of the services that we provide:
    • Duct cleaning
    • Ductwork maintenance
    • Replacement for worn-out parts
    • Comfort analysis
    • Troubleshooting to identify problems
    • Performance evaluation for your cooling system

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    When you need Shiloh air conditioning, you probably want it right away, which is why BELOMAN provides 24-hour service. We understand just how frustrating it can be when your AC goes haywire. We don’t want to be the cause of any more frustration; so, we provide a live person at the end of that 24-hour emergency phone line.

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    Call us at your earliest convenience if you need or want any of the following professional HVAC services:

    • AC replacement
    • AC unit evaluation
    • IAC (Indoor Air Quality) checkup

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