You can have a clean and sanitized home with an air scrubber in Belleville, IL. Do you worry about germs in your home? What is lurking on the surfaces of your cabinets, countertops, and toilets? Although you vacuum and clean every day, bacteria and viruses may remain.

    At BELOMAN, we want to keep your family safe from germs. Even if your house looks spotless, the unseen becomes a threat. An Air Scrubber by Aerus can help.

    Belleville Air Scrubbers by Aerus

    These systems work with your home’s HVAC to keep the air and surfaces in your house clean twenty-four hours a day. This system attaches to your HVAC system’s ductwork and helps clean the air and surfaces while the fan runs.

    With Patented ActivePure technology, our technicians at BELOMAN can help you keep your Belleville house clean. This system removes up to 99.9% of the most common surface and airborne contaminants. You will not have to worry about your children picking up bacteria when they touch surfaces in your home, and the air is safer to breathe.

    The following are some top benefits of an Air Scrubber by Aerus:
    • Uses space technology to remove germs from the air and surfaces
    • Reduces allergens and other triggering contaminants
    • Works directly with your existing ductwork
    • Protects your HVAC system from potential dirt and grime buildup

    In two hours, this system reduces microbes by up to 80%. After six hours, the reduction rises to 95%. In only twenty-four hours of using the Air Scrubber system, your home can be up to 99% free of contaminants.

    If you are concerned about your home’s air quality and the contaminants lurking inside, contact BELOMAN to learn more. This system removes microorganisms like E. Coli, Streptococcus, Influenza virus, H1N1, and many more.

    Contact Us for Air Scrubbers

    We are a second-generation HVAC business, providing indoor air quality services to homeowners in Belleville and surrounding areas for over 60 years. We started in 1959 and have grown to 50 employees.

    Over the years, we have received many awards and honors, including the 2022 Torch Award from the St. Louis Better Business Bureau. Our technicians pursue 100% customer satisfaction due to their extensive training and attention to detail.

    We are the most trusted name in the HVAC industry in Illinois and will gladly schedule an in-home consultation to help you learn more about Aerus and its cleaning system. Our technicians are highly responsive and can often come to your home the same day you call.

    Contact BELOMAN if you are interested in learning more about air scrubbers in Belleville.