Alleviate Your Allergies With These 5 Quick HVAC Tips!


Are you experiencing that pesky summer cold? Have your allergies started to spike? Did you know that the air in your home can be 10x more polluted than outdoor pollutants?  To help your family begin breathing cleaner air, we’ve come up with a list of 5 quick tips to alleviate your allergies in YOUR home.  By following these quick tips you can begin controlling the air in your family’s home in order to begin breathing cleaner air and reduce those pesky allergy symptoms today!

  1. Invest in high quality air filter: is it worth it to spend the extra money in order to have the highest quality of air filter? Yes! Certain filters are known to effectively remove 99.97% of all dust, pollen and pet dander particles that pass through your filter. Trapping these pollutants in the filter before they can enter your living space will definitely help to alleviate your allergy symptoms!
  2. Have your outdoor unit cleaned: by having a technician clean your outdoor unit it will help unclog any areas currently clogged with dirt, debris and pollen from the outside air.  Once your unit is properly cleaned it will be able to efficiently transfer the clean air in your home.  If your unit is clogged it will make it that much more difficult to provide your family with clean air!
  3. Dust your vents: cleaning your vents is something quick and easy that you can do yourself! Simply use hose on your vacuum to suck up any dust that may be trapped in your vents.  By using the hose to suck up dust on your vents you can stop additional dust from entering your living space.
  4. Schedule bi-annual maintenance appointments: another tip in order to alleviate your allergies in your home is to have your HVAC properly maintained bi-annually. When a technician visits your home to perform a tune-up on your system it will prolong the life expectancy and keep it running more efficiently.  A prolonged life expectancy on your system will continually allow your family to breathe clean air.
  5. Talk with an Indoor Air Quality expert: a final tip we have is to talk to an indoor air quality expert! By discussing your current situation with an expert you’ll gain a better understanding of what will work to improve the air in your specific home. There are MANY options when it comes to improving the air quality in your home. From air filters, to air purifiers, and even humidifiers/dehumidifiers there IS a way you can start making improvements!

BELOMAN is a HVAC, plumbing and pest solution company serving the Metro East since 1959! We have experts knowledgeably trained in indoor air quality in order to provide your family the proper breathing air deserved. If you are interested in improving the air in your home or business give us a call to discuss your options! “If Comfort Is Your Plan, Call the BELOMAN!” (618) BEL-OMAN or visit our website here.