Are Furnace Humidifiers Effective?

If you’ve heard of ways to improve the air quality in your home through use of a humidifier but weren’t really sure on the exact benefits, the BELOMAN is here to help! “An independent testing of the air of 10,000 American home across the country demonstrated that 96% of homes had at least one type of Indoor Air Quality problem.“ –Indoor Air Matters medical White Paper by Doron Schneider, M.D. Make the call to begin improving the air quality in your family’s home or office workspace today!


Help Allergies & Asthma: if members of your family struggle with allergies and asthma adding moisture to the home will help to improve the air quality by battling contaminants in the air responsible for flaring symptoms.

Dry Skin & Cracked Lips: whole house humidifiers are helpful to make your family feel more comfortable to rid itchy dry skin and cracked lips.  The added moisture in the air will help from uncomfortable living situations.

Respiratory Complications: if your family struggles with pesky sinus infections during the colder months a humidifier can certainly help to rid annoying symptoms.

Protect wood furnishing: if you’ve recently refinished your hardwood floors or have valuable wood furnishing within your home it’s recommended to install a whole house humidifier in order to protect the wood from becoming dry and cracking.

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