Are Furnaces Good for Your Health?

Furnaces are primarily used to keep your home warm during the chilly fall and winter months. However, it could also play a role in keeping everyone who lives in your house healthy.

Filters Take Dust and Pollen Out of the Air

Assuming that the air filter in your furnace is relatively clean, it can help to take dust, dirt, and other particles out of the air. This means that warm air flowing through the house is also likely to be cleaner than it would be if the furnace was not there. If you have pets, an air filter can remove dander or other allergens that can make it harder to breathe.

Forced Air Systems Add Moisture to the Air

Forced air systems can act as humidifiers for your entire house. This means that the air won’t be so dry that it leads to cracked skin or dandruff. It also means that you won’t be itchy all the time. It means, too, that you won’t shock yourself every time that you walk on the carpet or touch a speck of dust. At BELOMAN in Belleville, we can help maintain or repair your furnace to ensure that it works to its fullest potential. To do so, we would change the air filter and make sure that the thermostat is working properly.

Furnaces Can Prevent Gas From Leaking Into the Home

Individuals who are exposed to carbon monoxide could experience significant impairment or death within minutes. While a carbon monoxide detector could alert you to its presence, there is no guarantee that it will work properly. Fortunately, the furnace itself will likely have safety switches or valves that prevent carbon monoxide or other potentially harmful gases from entering your home.

If you need your current furnace repaired or replaced, give BELOMAN a call today! We will also inspect your air conditioner, perform an indoor air quality assessment, or check your home’s pipes for cracks or other problems.