Being the hometown hero is hard work!

Being a local company means your customer base is within a small radius and within that segment, people talk.  They’ll tell their neighbors and family members how wonderful or terrible a service company was and that one experience can severely impact who will call you when their toilet starts leaking or air conditioner continually freezes up.  It’s a little like the game of telephone, where the message is passed from person to person and suddenly everyone knows…or at least has some semblance of the original message.

One thing that helps keep a positive image with the public is community involvement.  Here at Bel-O we are well known to the public because we get out there and interact with our customers, young and old.  We attend many Gateway Grizzlies (our local Frontier league baseball team) games, walk in parades, and even attend the occasional chili cook-off.  It puts a face to the name of our company so people can relate to us.  We were at the Freeburg parade this past Saturday and we constantly heard cheers for the Beloman (we’ll take it that everyone likes us, not just that they wanted candy…)  Bel-O has always been a local, family owned company and that’s what people like.  They regularly ask for specific technicians by name because they have developed relationships with them over the years.  Some even tell us they want a certain technician or plumber because they were great with their dog.  Small things like that are what make the first time customer a repeat one.

Saturday night is Bel-O night at the Ballpark and we would like to invite everyone out to watch the Grizzlies game with us.  You can meet with the Beloman and a big portion of our crew will be there, too.  It’ll be a great time and tickets are cheap, so why not?

For more information, you can contact us on our Facebook page.  Hope to see you all there!