BELOMAN Knows What Mom Really Wants!

B.97 Mothers Day Clean Air

Mother’s Day weekend is here!  If you are still racking your mind for gift ideas for mom on her special day, BELOMAN is here to help.  Although flowers may be an easy go-to; it might bother her allergies!  What you mother really may want is a clean air solution to help her allergies.

Common Spring Allergies: Is it a common occurrence to hear mom sniffle and cough every spring?  If so, she just might be allergic to pollen!  Nature seems to be doing its best allergy release between February and June.  When pollen makes its way into Mom’s nasal passage, her immune system mistakes the pollen for a hazardous foreign object and begins to attack!  This attack (release of histamines) is what causes her allergies to flare up!  Other common allergens found inside the home that she may be experiencing issues with is dust, mold and pet dander.

Benefits of Clean Air
Decrease asthma & allergy symptoms: cleaner air indoors can definitely help to decrease symptoms and help mom to breathe easier
Improve breathing: breathing higher-quality air improves overall health and helps with other respiratory related problems

Allergy-Reducing Gifts for Mother’s Day
Air Cleaner Accessory: this accessory attaches to mom’s HVAC system to destroy air born allergen particles in the air. BELOMAN offers great Aprilaire products!
New A/C: if the A/C in mom’s home isn’t cooling as it should and she’s forced to open windows (letting in pesky allegens) in order to cool the house, a new efficient AC could be the perfect solution
Houseplant: certain houseplants work to remove chemical toxins from the air to help mom breathe easier

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