Benefits of a Rent to Own Program

Because they can cost thousands of dollars and sometimes need to be replaced unexpectedly, HVAC systems are major investments. When their equipment reaches the end of its useful lifespan and breaks down, many homeowners aren’t prepared for the expense. If you need to buy a new system, there are several benefits to taking advantage of an HVAC rent-to-own program.

1. Maintain the Comfort of Your Premises

If you don’t have the funds immediately available to purchase a new HVAC system, it can be challenging to go without cool or warm air in your building for several months while saving enough money. Fortunately, you can restore the comfort on the property by enrolling in a rent-to-own program that will prevent you from having to wait too long to purchase a new HVAC system.

2. Flexible Monthly Payment Options

In Belleville, BELOMAN offers a rent-to-own program with flexible options for monthly payments that will work with your specific budget. The program is available to anyone with approved credit. This alternative ensures that the new purchase is affordable and doesn’t put a strain on your finances. For your convenience and peace of mind, you can negotiate a specific amount that you can afford and pay off the HVAC system a little each month.

3. Avoid Future Repairs

Many people can’t afford to purchase a new HVAC system, so they continue to perform repairs on their old equipment and spend money on technical assistance throughout the year. With a rent-to-own program, you can finally own a reliable system that doesn’t require frequent attention or care because all of the parts are new. Over time, this can allow you to save more money by avoiding frequent repairs.

If you’re overdue for a new HVAC system, contact BELOMAN in Belleville today to learn more about the benefits of a rent-to-own program. Our comprehensive services include heating and cooling installation, repair and maintenance as well as plumbing and architectural metal fabrication.