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    Boiler Repair in Collinsville, IL For 60 years, BELOMAN has been providing consistent quality for boiler repair and heating solutions in Collinsville, IL. Our team has a wealth of cumulative experience of up to 1,250 years. You can expect outstanding craftsmanship and exceptional customer service from our staff. Our team will respond immediately when you need boiler service in the horseradish capital of the world.

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    Collinsville’s Award-Winning Boiler Service

    The average duration of a boiler is estimated to be 10 to 15 years. Boilers usually do not experience technical faults frequently. However, when it develops issues, it is advisable to get professional assistance as soon as possible.

    Even a dripping boiler could point to deeper systemic issues. The tank could have corrosion, causing cracks at the bottom of the container. Our boiler service technicians in Collinsville can check other components in your system. A faulty valve or a worn-out seal can start leakages around your home.

    Another sign of boiler problems is when your equipment does not heat or heats water irregularly. There could be many factors causing the issue, but check if the thermostat has the correct calibration. Another problem is an airlock within your piping. It could also be due to aging or worn-out components such as the diaphragm or boiler valve.

    Collinsville's Award-Winning Boiler Service If the water hardness in your home is high, you may notice unusual sounds similar to the noise from a boiling kettle. Kettling, as it is known, often indicates that there is mineral accumulation on components of the boiler. It means your boiler is working hard to produce the required level of heat.

    Low water pressure can be a sign of leakage in your equipment. Also, pay attention to rising utility bills as it could be a symptom of a boiler malfunction. Our team at BELOMAN can evaluate your equipment and offer prompt repairs in Collinsville.

    Other common boiler issues include:
    • Not responding to the thermostat
    • Unusually noisy on startup
    • Boiler switching itself off
    • Hot water but no heating

    Most Trusted Boiler Repair Team

    As a Carrier authorized dealer, BELOMAN is committed to delivering the highest quality of service in Collinsville. We offer a 24/7 repair service, and our team is always ready when you call.

    Call BELOMAN for dependable boiler solutions in Collinsville. We are always glad to serve our new and returning customers.

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