Boiler Tune-Up in Millstadt, IL BELOMAN provides premium-quality boiler tune-up services in Millstadt, IL, and the surrounding areas. Whether you live on Route 158 or near Jefferson Avenue, we offer professional boiler inspection services at fair prices. Boilers have an average operational life expectancy of 20 to 30 years, which is twice as long of a lifespan as other heating systems. In fact, a properly maintained boiler can last well beyond its anticipated duration of service. Our technicians will give your boiler a top-to-bottom inspection during your service call and make long-term recommendations.

    Why Get a Boiler Tune-Up?

    One of the best things about using boilers for your home heating is that they don’t have nearly as many mechanical components as traditional furnaces or heat pumps. Fewer moving parts means fewer things that can break down, but even a quality boiler needs to be tuned up from time to time. You should schedule a service appointment if you’re dealing with any issues with your boiler.

    Some of the signs to watch out for include the following.
    • A sudden increase in energy costs
    • Standing or leaking water around your boiler
    • Water pressure problems
    • Visible rust and corrosion on the tank
    • Inconsistent heating throughout your home

    Having your boiler inspected on an annual basis is a great way to catch small problems early before they get much more expensive. During your annual service visit, we’ll also take a look at common boiler trouble areas to make sure that you’re not having any problems.

    Why Get a Boiler Tune-Up? Your circulator pump is responsible for transporting the heated water from your boiler throughout your pipes and terminal points, and it needs to be replaced from time to time. Your heat exchanger is another part that occasionally needs replacing, and that is a relatively modest expense. We will also check inside your boiler tank for accumulated sediment and limescale that might have settled at the bottom. We’ll flush it out during your inspection and tune-up visit.

    Boiler Inspection in Millstadt

    At company name, we’re a family-owned business with over 1,250 combined years of experience. Our commitment to legendary customer service is second to none. We have been serving Millstadt and the entire Metro East region since 1959, and we’re proud to be a Carrier President’s Award recipient. We’ve won local and national awards and are involved in the community. We also offer senior and military discounts to help our customers save money.

    Give us a call when you’re ready to schedule a boiler inspection or a boiler tune-up!