Can Cleaning My Ductwork Improve My HVAC’s Efficiency??


Often times your air ducts do not actually need to be cleaned; however, having your ductwork examined can help identify other problems within your HVAC system.  Once any problems are identified you’ll be on your way to maintaining a more efficiently running HVAC system!

When having your duct work examined be sure the inspection checks for:
Insects and rodent droppings: if your inspection is showing insect and/or rodent droppings you should probably call a pest solution company to rid any of these pests that may be setting up a home in your ductwork.  It’s important to have this problem addressed sooner rather than later to avoid an infestation.
Mold infestations: if mold is present you could be experiencing an odd musty smell being released from your air vents.  There are times when moisture can present itself in your ductwork and become trapped which can end up causing damage to your HVAC system and halting it from running as efficiently as it should.
Duct obstructions: if your air duct inspection shows any kind of dust or debris obstructing the path for proper air flow you should definitely consider having them cleaned by a professional.  This dust and debris present can clog your ductwork altering the efficiency of your HVAC and end up being blown throughout your home.  By removing the built up dust from your ducts you can improve the quality of air in your family’s home!

So to answer the initial question…Yes! Air duct cleaning can improve HVAC efficiency especially in the case of insects and or rodent droppings, mold infestations or duct obstructions present!  To have your duct work examined by a professional give us a call today!  BELOMAN has been servicing the Metro East for 60 years.  Make your home a #BELOMANhome today.  We offer heating, cooling, plumbing, indoor air quality, home energy efficiency, and pest solution services to make your family’s home more comfortable.  Check out our website here or give us a call at (618) BEL-OMAN!