Common Problems During Peak AC Season

B.106 Peak AC Probs

While there is a long list of different problems that may arise with your air conditioner, and need to be looked at by a professional, there is also a short list of the most common problems that may arise in peak AC season. Knowing a few of the most common problems can help you to better prepare when the discussion comes up with your technician to resolve the problem. Here’s a list of 5 common AC problems during peak AC season that may trigger you to pick up the phone and dial B-E-L-O-M-A-N:

“The electrical components failed”: faulty wiring with your AC unit can be a possible fire hazard and cause your unit to not perform as it should.  If you are experiencing an electrical issue it’s best precautions to contact a qualified electrician.

“The air isn’t cool”: if your AC is not cooling like you think it should be it could mean your system is experiencing a leak and you are low on Freon.  A professional will be able to check for leaks to repair the issue and recharge the unit.

“The fan isn’t turning on”: if the fan on your outside unit isn’t performing correctly, proper heat transfer cannot take place which can cause the compressor to overheat

“It’s just not working”: a completely dysfunctional unit could mean something as little as a thermostat issue but it should definitely be addressed by a professional to determine the exact problem at hand

“I have frost on my unit”: if you go outside to check your unit and see it has become frozen it could be a filter, ductwork, or refrigerant problem.  In order for a technician to repair the problem you’ll need to allow the unit some time to thaw.

The best advice to avoid problems during peak AC season leaving you feeling aggravated and hot is to participate in a preventative maintenance program. When you join our Discount Club Membership you’ll be in a club of benefits!

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