Dehumidifiers Help!

Did you know that there are several ways you can improve and adjust the indoor air quality in your home to meet you family’s standards? It’s true! In order to help meet these standards in your home it’s important to know the facts as well as have a contact you trust.  With all indoor air quality (IAQ) analysis the main goal is to determine the desired quality for your home.  For those with asthma, a dehumidifier can definitely be a determining factor for improving the air quality!

I have asthma…why will a dehumidifier help?

  1. *It stops mold from growing in your home: when there are breathing complications present it’s important to completely eliminate mold from the situation.  By using a dehumidifier the levels of humidity in your home can be adjusted to avoid becoming a breeding ground for mold.
  2. *It aids in eliminating dust mites: aside from preventing mold growth, dehumidifiers also aid in eliminating dust mites.  Dust mites can take residency in your bedding and carpet without visibility.  With a dehumidifier you’re able to halt spreading of dust mites in problem areas unseen to your eye.
  3. *Dehumidifiers help rid ‘musty’ and ‘foul’ odors in your home: because dehumidifiers will be aiding in the elimination of mold and dust mites your family members with asthma won’t have to worry about musty or foul odors affecting their breathing!

After you have an IAQ expert visit your home and select the right air quality product specific for your home you’ll begin noticing a difference and begin breathing better!

Many times people do not look to their local and trusted HVAC company for indoor air quality advice; however, it is actually a GREAT place to seek help. Whether you’re in the market for an air purifier system, a whole house humidifier, or just want to have your house inspected for possible air quality improvements it’s important to know who to call!  We offer IAQ experts available at the simple ring of a phone! “If Comfort Is Your Plan, Call The BELOMAN!” (618) 509-9995

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