DIY Ways to Hide Your Ugly Water Heater!


Yes, it’s true your water heater isn’t the most attractive object in your home…but it’s greatly appreciated by your family when it comes to its use. SO…why not find ways to make the space appealing to the eye and eliminate the eye sore?!  There are plenty of DIY ways to hide your ugly water heater!  In all cases always make sure not to place materials too close to the water heater which will restrict air flow and create a fire hazard.  A good rule of thumb is to keep at least 8 inches between your water heater and your DIY enclosure.  See our ideas here:

  1. Curtain Cover: this is a very quick resolution to hide your ugly water heater that can be done in a matter of minutes. Simply mount a curtain rod and curtain long enough to touch from floor-to-ceiling. This is a quick fix and you won’t have to worry about inaccessibility if service is needed.  b-63-1
  2. Faux Cabinet: if you already have cabinetry near your water heater simply add a few faux cabinets to extend past it. This will allow proper fluidity throughout your space and eliminate the eye sore! Even if you don’t have cabinets already nearby, it’s simple to add a faux cabinet around it. The cabinet can be stained or painted to match the theme of the room!b-63-2
  3. Room Divider: an extremely quick and nearly effortless way to hide an ugly water heater is to put up a decorative room divider. These can be purchased at nearly any home or decor store. Simply take the divider out of the box, stand it up and WA-LA! Quick and painless!b-63-3
  4. Plantation Shutters: plantation shutters are a great DIY way to add texture and design to any area. Shutters can be hinged and built to fit custom areas. Hinged shutters also allow the area to remain easily accessible. In addition to the area remaining accessible, the slots on the shutters will also allow proper air flow to continue.b-63-4
  5. Pallets: now trending on Pinterest is pallet this and pallet that! SO…why not add a touch of it to disguise an ugly water heater?! Pinterest has plenty of pallet ideas when it comes to hiding this large piece of equipment. You can also add a decorative shelf and other creative pieces as shown in the picture below. b-63-5

Hopefully after seeing a few DIY ways to hide your water heater you’ll feel more confident to try some of the ideas in your home! With every situation, always make sure you are not blocking air flow and the materials are not placed closer than 8 inches from the water heater! BELOMAN is a company serving the Metro East for 60 years.  Make your home a #BELOMANhome today.  We offer heating, cooling, plumbing, indoor air quality, home energy efficiency and pest solutions to make your family’s home more comfortable!  Check out or website here or give us a call at (618) BEL-OMAN!