Do I Need An Expansion Tank For My Water Heater?

So you’ve heard of expansion tanks, know that water expands when heated and have seen these contraptions coming off of your water heater but still question why an expansion tank is needed?

What Is It?:
A drum like tank that attaches to the water line going into your water heater to absorb the excess water.  It provides extra volume needed in the system during the heating phase.

What Does It Do?:
It acts as a space for heated water to expand to rather than causing harm to your plumbing system.  When the water in your water heater is heated it naturally expands.  With the water expanding it will need somewhere to go and this is where the expansion tank comes into play!

Do I Need It?:
An expansion tank is also known as a safety device for your water heater.  Because safety is always important, it is typically a good idea to have an expansion tank added to your water heater.  When the water heats and expands it will have an area to expand to.  If you do not have an area for the heated water to expand to, it can wreak havoc on your current plumbing components.  Having an expansion tank also protects the tank and its product lifetime. For the best recommendations, contact your local and trusted plumber at BELOMAN today!

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