Don’t let your air make you sick.

How would you like to have the air that’s circulating throughout your home be filtered with a powerful air cleaner so you’re breathing in less pollutants?  Think about the fact that each time you take a breath you’re inhaling things that can harm your health.  Now, read the fact below and answer my question in the first sentence, again.

  • Polluted air causes 94% of all respiratory problems.

94% ?!?  That’s a number that’ll make you sneeze, over and over again.  Between the pets, kids, and outside factors (allergy season, anyone?), your home experiences many factors daily that impact what you’re breathing inside your home.  Even the products you clean with can cause indoor air pollution from the chemicals they’re made up of and fumes they release.

There are two types of air cleaners out there: portable ones that cover one room and those that are linked directly to your HVAC system and take care of your whole home.  Whole home air cleaners require less maintenance, usually once a year and they’re good to go.   Portable ones can be a different story.  If you’re like me, have pets and actually live in your home (a little clutter never hurt anyone!), you’ll find yourself cleaning a portable air cleaner constantly.  When I used one, I was cleaning it weekly or else it would start crackling and popping at the amount of dirt and pet fur that it collected.  Trust me, it was annoying.

Here at Bel-O, we are advocates for Aprilaire whole-home air cleaners because they work. They help filter the home of viruses, pet dander, mold & pollen, dust, smoke, and a variety of other particles that normal household cleaning can’t get.  Whole-home air cleaners are installed by us as a part of your heating and cooling system so they’re out of sight.  With our technicians installing them for you, you don’t have to worry and you can virtually forget about it.  The best part of whole-home air cleaners is the fact that they help keep your heating and cooling systems clean and functioning for a longer time than without one.  There are different makes and models so give us a call at (618) 509-9995 and ask for Jerry.  He’ll come out to your home for free to access your situation and help you decide which air cleaner would be the best fit for you.

Bel-O Sales & Service has  been servicing the Belleville area’s heating and cooling systems for over fifty years, so we know what we’re doing and treat our customers like they should be treated.  You can find more information on our website.